Keepers of Arden

Nightal 19

Returning Home

When the party next arrived in Lucrecia, they were dressed in their fancy new uniforms commissioned by Arthur. The Boys were happy to be back home, but the rest of the Keepers on board were very unimpressed by the rural location. This was quickly fixed by the evening’s revelry, in what will likely be a repopulation of Lucrecia.

Moor immediately retired to Gretchen’s home to sleep and contemplate his new responsibilities. Later that night he heard a knock on the door and was joined by Eloise MacDoogal. While they were together Moor told her a less detailed account of his problems. Arthur and Linux had dinner with family and found out that Jane, David, Rose, and Donnel Wylde all knew about Moor’s heritage. They also found out that the destruction of Blackhollow and the death of Donnel Wylde was caused by followers of Ballory Triggs in their search for Moor.



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