Keepers of Arden

Nightal 22

Dragonborn Attack

Having left Lucrecia a few days before the party was headed into Eriwald where shortly after crossing the border, they were set upon by a group of dragonriders. Moor was on the crow’s nest deck, Linux and Shadow were on the main deck, and Arthur and Weld were in the cockpit. They each spotted dragons flying through the clouds, and heard flame bursts and commotion as the ship came under siege. Linux and Shadow heard boots hit the deck behind them. His face was angular and covered in black scales with two red scaled stripes on each side of his face. Linux asked in Draconic who he was to which the man replied, “We are the Dragonborn,” at that moment the ship suffered a vital strike and began to plummet from the sky. As Linux and Shadow grabbed hold of the railing to keep from falling, Moor lost his footing and is falling from the ship. The draconic attacker leapt from the deck and landed on the back of a dragon. The Sky Bitch with an exploded gas tank and jammed a rudder is now falling from the sky…


Along the way they learned more about Abigail and Bergrum Ku’Durra.



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