Aldun Snipes


Lawful Neutral


Priest of Pelor. Grey hair, tall, skinny, single. Loud: very helpful, but speaks in a disconcertingly loud voice. He mentioned grave robbing going on all over Arden when he first met the PC’s. He is always willing to offer up Pelor’s blessing when someone needs it.

He recruited Moor and Linux to clear the cellar of rats with the promise of a reward. When they were done Aldun did not follow through with payment, citing the need of the church of the money.

He also provided a book to Linux that helped him learn more about Geshtai.

During their second visit to Yorkin, Moor visited the church and Aldun Snipes, where he helped the priest dry out books using prestidigitation that had been soaked during the storm. He then discussed his parentage with Aldun who was very taken aback by Moor’s revelation. Moor told him he could not tell anyone about this, but Aldun seemed reluctant to agree not to say anything. Moor then saw a book with a sword wreathed in flames. Upon further investigation the book seems to describes a sword matching the description of the Iracundus Lux that an Eriwaldian had used in the past to solidify his power. Moor asked Aldun if he could have the book. Aldun offered to sell it to Moor. Moor said that he helped Aldun dry out the books and that he should be able to just have it. Aldun denied his request citing that Moor merely accomplished what Pelor’s power would have done eventually. Moor decided to purchase the book

Aldun Snipes

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