Arthur Wylde

Gunsmith and grappler, this ranger is hell-bent on vengence by any means neccessary.


Basic Information

Ranger (Lv. 3) / Fighter (Lv. 1)
Chaotic Good

Ability Scores

STR 18
DEX 18
CON 18
INT 15
WIS 18
CHA 12


HP 42
AC 18
Grapple 7
Initiative 4

Saving Throws

Fortitude 8
Reflex 7
Will 3

David Wylde began fostering his son’s physical and mental prowess from a young age. Being an acclaimed pit fighter, he simply taught his son the thing that he knew best: how to beat your opponent. Arthur took to the training hesitantly at first, but a desire to connect with his father and natural aptitude soon set him to the task. He quickly mastered unarmed fighting and grew fond of short blades that wouldn’t inhibit his body’s natural movements. When a travelling arms dealer visted his town bringing along mechanical firearms, Arthur developed a keen intrested in the new weapons uncommmon in his area. Seeing his son’s intrigue, David purcahsed a cheap musket as a nameday gift. Oddly enough, Arthur took to ranged combat as quickly as he had at close intervals. He practiced between sparring sessions and tinkered with the weapon while cleaning it. While travelling with the Sentinal, Erwin Blaine, Arthur exhibited a proficiency for ranging which the old soldier fostered. Time spent hunting and scouting in the woods gave Arthur perspective and time away to think and cope with the loss of his family. His anger and pain was never lost amongst the branches of the forest, but instead tempered and sharpened into a pure edge of venegence against the Red Marauders. Arthur seeks to understand his enemy and use their own weakness to cut them at the precise time and where they are most vulnerable; principles no far removed from his training as a boxer and grappler.

Arthur Wylde

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