Balgruf and Bargruf

Dwarven brothers that pedal wares from Rheger


Balgruf, taller and minutes older, favors shield and heavy armor to provide cover for his brother and others.

Bargruf, though shorter, is much more muscular than his brother and favors dealing deadly blows with large weapons.


Balgruf and Bargruf are brothers that have a traveling merchant shop. They were kidnapped by the Red Marauders, but escaped when Numbers the Halfling freed them from their cell. They then proceeded to aid the Sons in ridding the cave of Marauders. They helped defeat Cora and Luk, but left to help Amir and Eloise carry Numbers out. Bargruf found and kept a +1 Greatsword of Mighty Cleaving much to the chagrin of Moor.

Once the Sons came out of the caves they traveled with them all the way to The Drop where the Dwarves began mingling with other merchants and told the boys to meet them at Til the Last Drop a local tavern. They continued to travel until they arrived at Rheger the night of a huge technology expo where the party was greeted with fireworks.

“We can’t actually take credit for the ‘works. The engineers and alchemists from Tochi have been making them for years. We just tweaked the formulas, and from what I hear the Tochineers in town were actually contracted out to do the show. Looks like they’ve outdone themselves. Well boys? What are we waiting for? I’m ready to go home.”

When they approached the gates to Rheger merchants and visitors were streaming in and out of the city. Balgruf and Bargruf took them on a path that led away from the grandiose entrance and to a small door so indistinct they didn’t notice it until it was opened.

The boys were swept up with the fair and seemed to lose track of the Dwarven brothers. They never had a chance to meet back up with Balgruf and Bargruf before they were whisked up in the attack by the Industrial Reformationists.

Balgruf and Bargruf’s statuses are currently unknown.

Balgruf and Bargruf

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