Bergrum Ku'Durra

Wizened Half-Orc with a penchant for Alchemy


Wizard 4
Alchemist 2


Could be seen using his familiar to coordinate attacks and distribute alchemist fire during the Purple Worm Fight

Hometown: Riverluck of The Gore
Age: 51
Personality: Quirky, Energetic, Enigmatic
Ambition: Create something to change the world forever
Likes: Intellectual discussions, wine, naps
Dislikes: People that underestimate him
Strengths: Experienced, unafraid to offer his opinion, resourceful
Weaknesses: Not very physically capable, afraid of spiders

Has an intelligent familiar named Hemlock. The race is somewhat indeterminate but he refers to Hemlock as a Goblonkey.

During the flight from Eriwald to Rhaeger:
While working with Linux, Bergrum tells him that he used to be a professor at one of the colleges in Arden. He got tired of talking about things and decided he wanted to DO things which is why he became a Keeper. He is intrigued with the mission that the boys are on and what the portals could mean. He also mentions his fascination with astronomy and shows Linux the new Telescope he procured in Eriwald.

Bergrum Ku'Durra

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