David Wylde

Former pugilist turned family man, father of Arthur


Fell in with the Wardens of Moor when he fell in love with a young woman named Jane that was traveling with them. Retired to Lucrecia due to the possibility of danger coming for him. Raised Arthur and Moor together because he knew to keep an eye on the porcelain child.

To Moor “Your skin may be porcelain, but you’re stouter than iron.”

After his brother was murdered he also began looking after his nephew Linux who moved to Lucrecia with his mother. David only ever told one man about his new life, former rival turned best friend, William Faun.

William’s daughter Kylie would often accompany him on their trips. William and David often joked about their children growing up and getting married. All hopes of this were dashed with the Marauder attack on Lucrecia. David Wylde fought valiantly until he was overwhelmed by Red Marauders.

David Wylde

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