Eloise MacDoogal

Guardian, archer, and former leader of the town of Tartton



Eloise was born in the town of Tartton in 3863. After her parents died from greyrot when she was fifteen, she started her own fur and meat shop to sell all the animals she hunted. The city was once threatened by a rampaging bugbear; after Eloise felled the creature the city often looked to her as the defender of their city. Goblins, ogres, and even a troll suffered at the hands of Eloise, but she was unprepared for the mass of mercenaries that showed up on the outskirts of Tartton. When the Marauders attacked she did her best to fend off their attacks, but one of the Marauders grabbed a child and threatened to kill it unless she dropped her bow.

After being captured, Eloise was locked up along with the rest of the women and children in her town. A member of the Eyes of Arden, a Halfling named Numbers had disguised himself as a child and accompanied the captives into the Marauder caves. After the escape began, Eloise escorted her people out of the caves with Numbers. However, once the people were safe, Numbers said he was going back inside to help Moor, Arthur, Balgruf, Bargruf, and Amir. Eloise was not going to let him go alone. She helped defeat Luk along with the other Marauders. She helped carry Numbers out of the cave after he was slain.

Once the cave was cleared by the Sons of Lucrecia she accompanied them to The Knight’s Tower where Lord Micah Haverly feasted them for their heroic deeds. During this feast, Eloise danced with a somewhat inebriated Moor Stormhammer, and brought color to the otherwise pale face of the giant when she kissed him on his cheek after the dance.

When the heroes were leaving, Arthur told Eloise that she should consider becoming a Keeper. Eloise took this into consideration, but thought her place at Tartton was too important. Lord Haverly suggested they rebuild their city around The Knight’s Tower for their safety as well as the prosperity of his quiet outpost. After being there for a week or so, Eloise grew restless and realized her people didn’t need her to protect them anymore, and she set off for The Keep to enlist in the Guardians.

Eloise was spotted firing arrows from a roof during the Purple Worm Attack on The Keep. That night she could be seen dancing with Moor. She was sworn in under the Guardian banner when the party was as well.

Moor and Eloise have shared many flirtatious encounters since she joined the Sky Bitch. The most in depth would be when she spent the night with him in his home in Lucrecia where he revealed some minor details of what he was currently going through.

Eloise MacDoogal

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