Erwin Blaine

Erwin Blaine was the Sentinel assigned to Lucrecia.


Fighter 7 / Ranger 3
Neutral Good

STR: 19 +4
DEX: 15 +2
CON: 19 +4
INT: 11 +0
WIS: 15 +2
CHA: 10 +0

HP: 95
AC: 17

Init: +6

F: 12
R: 7
W: 5

BAB: 10/5

Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Weapon Focus (Shortsword)
Power Attack
Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Critical (Longsword)
Improved Initiative
Mounted Combat
Armor (L,M,H)
Simple Weapon
Martial Weapon
Tower Shield

Handle Animal 14
Intimidate 13
Knowledge Dungeoneering 2
Listen 5
Ride 4
Search 5
Spot 4
Survival 4


Longsword (1d8)
Shortsword (1d6)
Dwarven Chain (5 AC/2 Max Dex)


Erwin is very guarded about his past. He refuses to explain why he has fallen from grace as one of Arden’s most pristine warriors and is now serving as Sentinel for Lucrecia. He has a blatant mistrust and disdain for citizens of Eriwald and anyone who shares part of their bloodline. He seems fond of Dwarven Culture and it is in fact the only other language he can speak.

After Alshotep D’mar learned that Erwin Blaine was still a member of the Keepers he requested that Erwin be dismissed as this was a slight on his country and the citizens who died at Erwin’s hand. Erwin was dismissed as Sentinel from Lucrecia. Erwin had been getting over his prejudices and had actually taken on Hassan Belur as a cohort recently. In fact, when Erwin was dismissed from Lucrecia, Hassan refused to stay and went with them. While traveling north, they were set upon by Red Marauders who had heard of his dismissal. Willhelm beat Erwin bloody the entire way back to Greencliff. In the end, Erwin never broke. His final moments were him reassuring his young ward and saving his life.

Hassan learned the truth about Erwin’s past recently. His wife was killed by Eriwaldian raiders during the War of the Sun. This is why he attacked the defenseless city. He didn’t kill any of the innocents, but some of the people he was leading were sellswords, cutthroats, and mercenaries. When they began slaughtering non-combatants, Erwin didn’t do anything to stop them. He never blamed the Keepers for knocking him down to the rank of Sentinel. And even after the party’s trip to Eriwald, he still bore no ill will to the Keepers for dismissing him entirely. His bond with Hassan was becoming one of respect, and at the end; he even said he’d been a fool to blame so many for the actions of the few.

Arthur, Linux, Moor
Good to know that you have arrived safely. I understand you ran into some problems along the way. I’m sure ‘twas nothing you three couldn’t handle. Wilkins said in his letter that he was very impressed with you. Apparently he discovered the bounty officer tried coercing you into taking the bribe. Glad to know you didn’t let money cloud your sense of duty. That’s something that sets us keepers apart from other folk. Enjoy the time in Yorkin boys.

Speaking of boys, the ones you saved from the caves are doing much better. Some of the older ones have even joined the Militia. I think making them help rebuild the town has given them something to block out the bad with.

You’re already making quite the name for yourself. We’ve heard stories from people describing you as “The Sons of Lucrecia” “The Young Keepers” and my personal favorite “Them Boys”. Don’t let it go to your head, though. Keep in mind it’s not always a good thing to have a reputation that precedes you.

Erwin Blaine
Defender of Lucrecia

Erwin Blaine

Keepers of Arden Maitland