Red headed bounty hunter


Lawful Neutral


He is short with a muscular build an unshaven face and very short red hair. Tried to take Giles from the party during their stay at Ranger’s Kiss and turn him in himself. But Moor intimidated Felk into leaving the party be. Felk left amicably knowing that he could not beat the three PC’s on his own. He tends to spend time near Hallowford Crossing.

The party found a note a few leagues outside of Fallshore on a dead pigeon. When they arrive the party finds a ghost town with a single house borded up. Upon further inspection Felk was inside. He apparently had been hired along with a few other bounty hunters to kill a vampire who had been attacking the town. Unfortunately the bounty hunters were all slaughtered except for Felk. The party agreed to help him fight the vampire and his thralls who were holed up in a church. The party threw torches through the windows after creating a barricade out front. After dispatching the thralls, they entered the church and descended into the basement. They looked for the vampire but only found an empty coffin. When they turned to exit, the vampire was behind Felk. The party didn’t have sufficient time to warn Felk before the vampire sunk his teeth into his neck. The vampire turned into mist and escaped. Felk stared wide-eyed at the party and ran out of the church.

Arthur and Moor’s Memory
They pursued Felk in order to rid the man of his new immortality unsuccessfully.

Linux’s Memory
The party caught up with Felk who railed at the party for stopping his attempt to rid himself of the disease. He then told the party they had his blessing to kill him since the vampire would be long gone by now.


Keepers of Arden Maitland