Linux Wylde

Wizard from Lucrecia


Linux is the youngest of the heroes at age 16. He is a gangly teenager whose main interest is learning and being a tag along to his older cousin, Arthur, and childhood friend, Moor Stormhammer. Linux’s interest in the arcane likely came from the lessons in alchemy from his mother and his dreams of heroism from reading stories of old.

Linux’s life met tragedy at age 6, when his home village of Blackhollow was attacked and burned to the ground. His father Donnel Wylde, the Sentinel of Blackhollow, was killed in the attack, but managed to secure an escape for his wife, Rose, and young son. The two fled to the nearby village of Lucrecia to the home of Donnel’s brother, David. Linux came to call Lucrecia home and it was here that he met Arthur and Moor, as well as many other children of the village that he would later join the milita with.

Linux’s mother taught him herblore and alchemy and all the basic education that a child in Arden should know. Once he could read, Linux was never seen without a book, whether it be reading while the other boys and his cousin would play sword fight or while exploring the woods alone.

When the time came, Linux joined the Ardenian militia under Erwin Blaine. Shortly after this, the village was ransacked by the Red Marauders. Many of Linux’s close friends died in this attack, including his uncle. The militia followed the Marauders to a nearby cave, where they found his mother and many of the other imprisoned. The Boys then were charged with taking the villain Giles Corey to the city of Yorkin for justice.

It was in Yorkin that Linux properly learned the skills of a wizard from a friendly man named Percival. He took Linux to the woods where they performed the ritual of gaining Liux’s familiar, the owl Tycho.

Many adventures have passed since. In recent events, Linux has found that he is part of a rare bloodline known as the Phoenixborn. He discovered this when he put on a strange magical mask in the Screeching Steeple and transformed into a tiefling warrior by the name of Hidalgo Jones.

Linux Wylde

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