Moor Stormhammer

Cleric of Pelor




Moor Stormhammer was raised by the late Gretchen Stormhammer, a kind lady who found the albino baby on her doorstep 19 years ago. She raised him in church to be a good boy, full of the right kind of wisdom. Moor grew in knowledge, wisdom, and stature. An oddity to see, he had trouble growing up, but found friendship and refuge in his best friend Content Not Found: arthur, who always looked out for Moor. Helping out at the local church with all the needs of Lucrecia, Moor became well liked and noted for his meek and humble nature, and his quirky sense of duty.

Moor wants to serve Pelor to the best of his ability, but he has a growing urge to avenge his Gretchen Stormhammer grandmother, and make right the injustices wrought by the Red Marauders.

After many a journey and a chance meeting with Wren, Moor learned that he was the son of Gregor Lightwrath and not an albino human at all. He’s actually one touched with the Celestial Blood of the Aasimar. With this new information Moor has taken to meditation on this and is developing use of his newfound racial abilities

Moor Stormhammer

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