Aged wizard that runs the Yorkin Mage's Guild


Level ??
Lawful Neutral


He spent time losing himself in the alleys of Baycliff until he heard of his wife’s death. He sought out his daughter who was now nineteen and living in Blackhollow. She was married to a man by the name of Wylde, and had a son whom she named Linux. Upon seeing her father again, she refused to speak to him, wouldn’t let him stay, or even hold his grandson. Percival came to her aid when Blackhollow was raided by Red Marauders and offered to let her and her child stay with him in Yorkin. Again she refused and would not let Percival in her life. He continues to send her letters to this day. However, recently he had the pleasure of tutoring a young wizard by the name of Linux. Percival knew that this was his grandson, but he honored his daughter’s wishes and did not disclose this bond with the child.


Keepers of Arden Maitland