Champion of Yorkin


Yancy is a giant of a man, standing 6’6". He’s rugged, but not handsome. Yancy is a fighter, and as such is built like one. The man looks the part of a killing machine, and hygiene isn’t the most important thing to his feeble mind.


Yancy was the champion of Yorkin in the Arena. Fighters from far and near tried time and time again to fell this beast of a man, only to walk away disappointed if they walked away at all.

Arthur took a shot at fighting Yancy, shrugging off the advice of Yancy’s manager, The Gold Toothed Man to throw the fight. Arthur didn’t win by any means, because Yancy was deserving of his title as town champion.

Yancy was involved in Mayor Bannistaire Tarleston’s plot to kidnap Tom Thompson’s grandson and offer him up to Geshtai as a tithe of sorts. After being discovered in the town’s bait shop on a lead by the Sons, Yancy was brought to ultimate justice. His greataxe now hangs from the belt of Moor Stormhammer.


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