Keepers of Arden

Elasias 6
3rd game day

After tearful goodbyes the party leaves their former lives to deliver Giles Corey to Yorkin authorities. Erwin stresses that no harm can come to him as he had overheard Linux talking of getting revenge. When he parts ways with the boys, however, they kick the back of Giles’ legs, knocking him to his knees. They then intimidate Giles into not trying anything funny.

Elasias 4
The Beginning

You are woken up by a familiar voice whispering anxiously…”Wake up! Wake up! Something terrible has happened!” Your eyes open. The blackness of your barracks is pressing down upon you. All that you can hear is the heavy breathing of the person waking you up and the random snores of the other cadets sleeping around you. Your eyes strain to focus in the low light, and you’re finally able to make out the face of the boy urgently waking you and realize it is Jonah. “Guys! Wake up! It’s HassanHassan’s gone! I don’t know where he is!”
Hassan wandered off into the woods earlier today at camp and received a scolding from Erwin Blaine that if he did it again he’d be out of the Militia. Due to your friendship with Jonah, you are inclined to help find him discretely before Sentinel Blaine finds out what’s going on.

When you step out of the quanzit hut the cool foggy night touches your skin sending an eerie shiver up your spine. Hassan claimed he had seen Red Marauders on the outskirts of the training ground earlier that day but no one believed him. So he snuck out later that night to investigate. When you found him a pack of wolves were bearing down on him. He said he saw fire coming from Lucrecia. After being awoken Erwin Blaine led the cadets to Lucrecia which was now engulfed in flames. Women and children were missing and the men were dead. Including Arthur’s father.

After burying Arthur’s father Erwin left the rest of the militia to put out the fires and bury the rest of the dead, and he took Arthur, Linux, and Moor with him to track down the Marauders. Along the way he showed Arthur some tracking skills, and the party killed a few Marauders. At the end of the day’s journey they set up camp and rested for the night.

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