Keepers of Arden

Eleint 2
The Court and The Coliseum

Arthur: Woke to the sound of Sentinel Wilkins banging on his door, was taken into custody and brought to the Guard Tower to stand trial for the murder of Ladril Cloudwind. At the trial, Arty decided to represent himself and dismissed Justice Carlton. After cross examining witnesses and giving his own testimony, it was Arthur’s turn to call a witness to the stand. He called Moor to the stand and asked of the nobleman who asked them to join the militia to take care of the Elven threat in Yorkin. At this point, Justice Smith rose that Mayor Tarleston’s name did not deserve to be raked through the mud by these outsiders. Arthur then pointed out that he had not mentioned Tarleston’s name. He then showed that Moor was obviously the most reliable witness as he was a priest of Pelor’s Light which Moor exemplified by conjuring a celestial owl which soared around the courtroom. Sentinel Wilkins released Arty from custody and gathered information from him. Arthur recalled seeing a man in the bar that stood out. After describing the bearded man, Wilkins immediately recognized the description as Gregory Locklin. Who was part of Yorkin’s Militia. Wilkins then asked if the party could help discreetly with the investigation.

Later that night he The Gold Toothed Man tried to bribe him to throw his fight in The Coliseum. He refused and went on to fight Yancy and lose. During the fight Linux and Moor were given information by Guardian Reed to search Locklin’s house. When their search was over they discovered a secret chamber that was opened with a carving of the moon’s face that looked exactly like the one on the sign of The Blue Smile. Inside was a shrine. They later discovered this to be evidence that Locklin was one of the Followers of Geshtai. And he had robes that matched the mayor’s.

Eleint 1
25th game day

25 days into the journey the party arrives at Yorkin. The giant stone walls loom in the distance as they travel down the road. “Your weary bodies seem to scream with anticipation at the welcoming sight of these walls as they steadily grow closer. From this distance you can see the guard tower on the southern side or Yorkin and on the northern side you can see the image of a sun at the top of a steeple. Pelor’s sun is beckoning for its favored servants: The sons of Lucrecia.” On the way they see a man clad in Guardian Armor. This is Guardian Tole. Upon discovery of the Party’s intentions Tole tries to get them to turn in Giles to the bounty office when they get to town.

Moor Stormhammer: After turning Giles in to Sentinel Wilkins, Moor made his way to the local priest and tithed his recent gold earnings. The Priest, noticing that Moor was an albino, praised his devotion to the sun god and asked for Moor’s help to dig some graves in the catacombs.

Arthur: Arthur initiated conversation with Guardian Tole on the road outside of Yorkin, and regretfully refused to accept the 1000gp reward for Giles’ bounty. After they had turned him in to Sentinel Wilkins, Arthur went to Tom Thompson’s Tons of Tinkerings and priced schematics for a scope for his rifle: 50gp for the schematics 100gp for Tom to make it himself. He then traveled to The Vulgar Horse where he questioned the elf, later known as Ladril Cloudwind, until the Elf was forced to retire upstairs out of exasperation. He was then propositioned by the barkeep to burn down The Blue Smile for money. The bartender let on that he would provide an alibi and exchanged a glance across the bar with someone else for which he was obviously already providing this service. Arthur then went to the Blue Smile and got a free drink bought for him by a nobleman. The noble promptly left after Arthur failed a bluff check when boasting about how he singlehandedly brought down Giles. He also warned the barmaid against Arnold Hearse’s plans for the Blue Smile. After Linux and Moor arrived they were approached by Sheila Nadie who runs Yorkin’s entertainment. She asked the boys if they were interested in fighting in the arena. Arthur took her up on this task and was told his reward would be 300gp or free roam in the brothel for the remainder of his stay in Yorkin.

Linux: After dropping off Giles, Linux made his way to the Mage’s Guild in town where he met a Wizard and his Familiar Fornak the Imp. The Wizard then told Linux that if he was interested and learning the dark arts that he should return that night. The wizard was waiting with a table and a blank book. Linux then had to scribe beginner’s spells from the Wizard’s book into his own.

Elasias 25
19th game day

Arthur: Awoke in the middle of the night to find someone trying to break into his room at the Ranger’s Kiss to steal Giles. Ran off the intruder and relocated Giles to Moor’s room.
Moor Stormhammer: Intimidated Felk (the red headed bounty hunter) into “leaving the party be” after he threatened to fight them for Giles.
Linux: Found some Lavendar Bliss and Astomum outside of the Ranger’s Kiss.

Elasias 24
The Crossing

18.75 days into the journey they come to Hallowford Crossing, a small trading outpost with a pub entitled the Ranger’s Kiss. The PC’s are accused of not paying their bill last time and are immediately thrown from the bar if they enter. Moor: Sold his deer antlers for 5gp per point, netting a total of 50 gp. Which he then used to pay off the debt of the Albino that he was accused of being. But anything they bought this time had to be paid for in advance. The party spent the night at the Ranger’s Kiss. Arthur volunteered to keep Giles in his room.

Elasias 19
13th game day

12.5 days into the journey the party was on the road to Eriwald at which point they heard yelling coming from the other side of a curve in the forest. They saw an old man in a brown robe who was blind reaching around for a cane that was about five feet away from him. The party all approached him and were attacked from behind by Lamar and then by Saadok who was pretending to be the old man. During the battle Giles came very close to escaping with the aid of Lamar and Saadok. But the party finally overcame their attackers with plenty of wounds to show for it. Moor Stormhammer prayed for Pelor to heal the party. In answer to his prayer, the clouds parted, and a warm sunlight poured over them, healing the party to full health. Arthur picked up a disguise kit off of Saadok’s body.

Elasias 15
Spider Swarm

9 days into the journey the party was attacked by a swarm of spiders at 2am. Whoever was on watch at that hour had to roll against the swarm’s hide check. The swarm attacked Giles and he was unable to move out of his square. Linux came up with the idea to attack the swarm with fire and the party drove the swarm away.

Elasias 12
Blackhollow Skirmish

For Moor and Arthur, this is the first time they have ever ventured beyond the borders of the Lucrecian Valley. And for Linux, it is a painful reminder of the last time he was on this road, after his father was murdered in Blackhollow. In fact this path led you close enough to the Blackvale Forest that you were able to see the overgrown remains of Blackhollow. The party ventured to these remains, and was attacked by Goblins.

Elasias 6
3rd game day

After tearful goodbyes the party leaves their former lives to deliver Giles Corey to Yorkin authorities. Erwin stresses that no harm can come to him as he had overheard Linux talking of getting revenge. When he parts ways with the boys, however, they kick the back of Giles’ legs, knocking him to his knees. They then intimidate Giles into not trying anything funny.

Elasias 4
The Beginning

You are woken up by a familiar voice whispering anxiously…”Wake up! Wake up! Something terrible has happened!” Your eyes open. The blackness of your barracks is pressing down upon you. All that you can hear is the heavy breathing of the person waking you up and the random snores of the other cadets sleeping around you. Your eyes strain to focus in the low light, and you’re finally able to make out the face of the boy urgently waking you and realize it is Jonah. “Guys! Wake up! It’s HassanHassan’s gone! I don’t know where he is!”
Hassan wandered off into the woods earlier today at camp and received a scolding from Erwin Blaine that if he did it again he’d be out of the Militia. Due to your friendship with Jonah, you are inclined to help find him discretely before Sentinel Blaine finds out what’s going on.

When you step out of the quanzit hut the cool foggy night touches your skin sending an eerie shiver up your spine. Hassan claimed he had seen Red Marauders on the outskirts of the training ground earlier that day but no one believed him. So he snuck out later that night to investigate. When you found him a pack of wolves were bearing down on him. He said he saw fire coming from Lucrecia. After being awoken Erwin Blaine led the cadets to Lucrecia which was now engulfed in flames. Women and children were missing and the men were dead. Including Arthur’s father.

After burying Arthur’s father Erwin left the rest of the militia to put out the fires and bury the rest of the dead, and he took Arthur, Linux, and Moor with him to track down the Marauders. Along the way he showed Arthur some tracking skills, and the party killed a few Marauders. At the end of the day’s journey they set up camp and rested for the night.

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