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  • Keepers of Arden

    Keepers are anyone that is royally employed to protect [[Arden]]. The hierarchy of positions are as follows: * [[Master of Arden]] * [[Reeve of Arden]] * [[Voice of Arden]] * [[Captains of Arden]] * [[Emissaries of Arden]] * [[Mages of Arden]] * …

  • Thingaz Elves

    A peaceful sect of elves that live in the heart of the [[Thingaz Forest]]. No one has ever seen any signs of civilization withing the woods. Therefore, it is unknown whether the elves are nomadic within the borders of the forest, or if some form of …

  • Red Marauders

    The Red Marauders are a scourge on the people of Arden. No one knows much about this mysterious group. Their comings and goings are as unpredictable as the Marauder's themselves. At times they have been known to ransack entire villages. Again, no one …

  • Sentinels of Arden

    Defenders of cities. They command the [[Guardians of Arden | Guardians]] assigned to the city to which they are assigned. They act in the same capacity as sheriffs. *Notable Members* [[:erwin-blaine]] [[:henry-wilkins]]

  • Captains of Arden

    The Captains of Arden take orders directly from the [[Reeve of Arden]]. There are twenty captains in all, each Captain has roughly 100 [[Guardians of Arden | Guardians]] under their command. *Notable Members* [[:erwin-blaine | Sentinel Blaine]] ( …

  • Mages of Arden

    Magic users in the [[Master of Arden | Master's]] Army. *Notable Members* [[:percival]] (former)

  • Envoys of Arden

    Members of the [[Ardenian House]] are elected representatives of the cities of [[Arden]].

  • Followers of Geshtai

    This group of believers were found in [[Yorkin]]. They were a secret society that sacrificed the blood of their enemies to appease Geshtai, the Goddess of the Lake. The practice began around thirty years ago in an effort to quell the outbreak of Geshtai …

  • Ardenian House

    Governing body that brings matters of importance to the attention of the [[Master of Arden]]. It is made up of representatives from all of the cities of [[Arden]]. The [[Voice of Arden]] presides over the house which is made up with [[Envoys of Arden]].

  • Black Orcs of Grom'Shalak

    The group of chaos driven, evil Clerics that took over and destroyed [[Galabrasia]] The Clerics summoned a demon to destroy the island. Little is known about their motives.

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