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  • Blackhollow

    Blackhollow was a relatively small but productive town that exported timber from the [[Blackvale Forest]] until it was razed to the ground by a pack of [[Red Marauders]]. Its ruins are currently rumored to be overrun by goblins. *Established* 3843 * …

  • Red Marauders

    The Red Marauders are a scourge on the people of Arden. No one knows much about this mysterious group. Their comings and goings are as unpredictable as the Marauder's themselves. At times they have been known to ransack entire villages. Again, no one …

  • Blackvale Forest

    Timber from this forest is so sought after that when [[Blackhollow]] was destroyed by [[Red Marauders]] a [[Dragon Bush | new settlement]] was created. It is known that this forest is inhabited by a large goblin population.

  • Black Orcs of Grom'Shalak

    The group of chaos driven, evil Clerics that took over and destroyed [[Galabrasia]] The Clerics summoned a demon to destroy the island. Little is known about their motives.

  • Giles Corey

    Giles Corey was the leader of the group of [[Red Marauders | Red Marauders]] that assaulted [[Lucrecia | Lucrecia]]. He was met by the Sons and [[:erwin-blaine]] at his camp, where the Sons defeated his followers and rescued the living remnants of [[ …

  • Gregory Locklin

    Member of the [[Yorkin]] militia. He is skinny and has black hair with a big beard. He was usually found hiding out in [[The Vulgar Horse]] a lot. He paid [[:arnold-hearse]] to provide an alibi for him the night of [[:ladril-cloudwind | Ladril …

  • Willhelm

    Part of the crew that kidnapped the party. He tortured Arthur for days until, Numbers freed the party. He coaxed the party into a trap where he shot a box of gunpowder below a rock bridge in order to collapse it. After the party killed the giant crab …

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