Keepers of Arden

Nightal 22
Dragonborn Attack

Having left Lucrecia a few days before the party was headed into Eriwald where shortly after crossing the border, they were set upon by a group of dragonriders. Moor was on the crow’s nest deck, Linux and Shadow were on the main deck, and Arthur and Weld were in the cockpit. They each spotted dragons flying through the clouds, and heard flame bursts and commotion as the ship came under siege. Linux and Shadow heard boots hit the deck behind them. His face was angular and covered in black scales with two red scaled stripes on each side of his face. Linux asked in Draconic who he was to which the man replied, “We are the Dragonborn,” at that moment the ship suffered a vital strike and began to plummet from the sky. As Linux and Shadow grabbed hold of the railing to keep from falling, Moor lost his footing and is falling from the ship. The draconic attacker leapt from the deck and landed on the back of a dragon. The Sky Bitch with an exploded gas tank and jammed a rudder is now falling from the sky…


Along the way they learned more about Abigail and Bergrum Ku’Durra.

Nightal 19
Returning Home

When the party next arrived in Lucrecia, they were dressed in their fancy new uniforms commissioned by Arthur. The Boys were happy to be back home, but the rest of the Keepers on board were very unimpressed by the rural location. This was quickly fixed by the evening’s revelry, in what will likely be a repopulation of Lucrecia.

Moor immediately retired to Gretchen’s home to sleep and contemplate his new responsibilities. Later that night he heard a knock on the door and was joined by Eloise MacDoogal. While they were together Moor told her a less detailed account of his problems. Arthur and Linux had dinner with family and found out that Jane, David, Rose, and Donnel Wylde all knew about Moor’s heritage. They also found out that the destruction of Blackhollow and the death of Donnel Wylde was caused by followers of Ballory Triggs in their search for Moor.

Nightal 18

After departing Yorkin, Moor confided in the party, saying that he was worried about being technically next in line for the throne of Arden and his direct conversation with his god. Arthur, Linux, and Shadow attempted to calm his nerves with all of this heavy news. Arthur reinforced that there was a new government in place, and that Moor should not pursue this.

Linux also told the party of the book that he was given and the vision that followed.

Nightal 16
Return to Yorkin

The party arrived in Yorkin and parked the Sky Bitch outside of the city walls. After meeting with Sentinel Wilkins, they found out that Geshtai had recently unleashed her wroth upon the village due to a sacrifice not being made. 13 were killed in the destruction.

After leaving the Sentinel’s tower, the party split to visit their respective friends and contacts in Yorkin.

Moor visited the church and Aldun Snipes, where he helped the priest dry out books using prestidigitation that had been soaked during the storm. He then discussed his parentage with Aldun who was very taken aback by Moor’s revelation. Moor told him he could not tell anyone about this, but Aldun seemed reluctant to agree not to say anything. Moor then saw a book with a sword wreathed in flames. Upon further investigation the book seems to describe a sword matching the description of Iracundus Lux that an Eriwaldian had used in the past to solidify his power. Moor asked Aldun if he could have the book, but Aldun offered to sell it to Moor. Moor said that he helped Aldun dry out the books and that he should be able to have the book in exchange for his help. Aldun denied his request citing that Moor merely accomplished what Pelor’s power would have done in a few hours anyway. moor decided to pay 5gp for the book, and with his excitement of finding a lead to his birthright he commissioned an article of clothing with the sword wreathed in flamed emblazoned upon it. After which, Moor went to the docks where he called upon Pelor (1 Hero Point) and Pelor answered. Moor pleaded for Pelor to help Arden. Pelor refused stating that war was coming; he had to prepare. Moor again asked that Pelor spare some of his light for the world. Pelor responded, “I already have, Moor. You are that light.” Pelor then left Moor with an ominous message, “The darkness draws near.” Needless to say this divine revelation shook Moor and he has been brooding since.

Shadow visited the tavern and gained intel that Followers of Geshtai plan to make an appropriate sacrifice to quell their deity. He gained an in and informed the party that should we wish to stop this from happening, he can infiltrate the cult.

Linux visited his mentor, Percival the Wizard. Percival was very excited to see Linux and Tycho. After a brief conversation about Necrolithe, Linux and Percival began a walk to the airship. Residents of Yorkin gave Linux incredibly ugly looks, likely due to the Boys being the cause of the sacrifices stopping. Linux mentioned Hidalgo’s mask to Percival, which caused both to go back to the magic shop, where Percival gave Linux a journal that belonged to another Phoenixborn. He had a vision of being killed by the Voice of Arden, Master Edmond. Before dying, the Phoenixborn saw that Master Edmond took on the face of the person writing the journal and said “The Master shall become the apprentice; you will one day become the Voice of Arden.” Linux also acquired a magic staff before leaving to the Sky Bitch.

Arthur went to visit Tom Thomson, who was thrilled to see Arthur. He mentioned that the village attempted to take his half-elf grand son with the last Geshtai attack. He also asked if Arthur received all of the schematics that were sent to towns along the way. He gave Arthur a copy of all the schematics that the Boys missed along the way to the Keep. Arthur showed Tom to the airship, where he invited him and his family to stay to keep them safe from the followers of Geshtai.

Also mentioned: The Vulgar Horse had been shut down, the Followers of Geshtai meet in The Blue Smile, Arthur also fought in the Coliseum and won four out of his five rounds.

Eleint 20
44th game day

The party discovered an ancient underground village. Upon exploration they found a fountain filled with gold. They were then attacked by two gargoyles. After defeating the winged stone creatures they hauled the gold to their horses and camped for the night.

55th game day

The party was attacked and captured by Willhelm, Luk, and Cora of the Red Marauders.

Eleint 30
Eleint 29
Eleint 28
Eleint 27

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