Keepers of Arden

Elasias 19

13th game day

12.5 days into the journey the party was on the road to Eriwald at which point they heard yelling coming from the other side of a curve in the forest. They saw an old man in a brown robe who was blind reaching around for a cane that was about five feet away from him. The party all approached him and were attacked from behind by Lamar and then by Saadok who was pretending to be the old man. During the battle Giles came very close to escaping with the aid of Lamar and Saadok. But the party finally overcame their attackers with plenty of wounds to show for it. Moor Stormhammer prayed for Pelor to heal the party. In answer to his prayer, the clouds parted, and a warm sunlight poured over them, healing the party to full health. Arthur picked up a disguise kit off of Saadok’s body.



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