Keepers of Arden

Eleint 2

The Court and The Coliseum

Arthur: Woke to the sound of Sentinel Wilkins banging on his door, was taken into custody and brought to the Guard Tower to stand trial for the murder of Ladril Cloudwind. At the trial, Arty decided to represent himself and dismissed Justice Carlton. After cross examining witnesses and giving his own testimony, it was Arthur’s turn to call a witness to the stand. He called Moor to the stand and asked of the nobleman who asked them to join the militia to take care of the Elven threat in Yorkin. At this point, Justice Smith rose that Mayor Tarleston’s name did not deserve to be raked through the mud by these outsiders. Arthur then pointed out that he had not mentioned Tarleston’s name. He then showed that Moor was obviously the most reliable witness as he was a priest of Pelor’s Light which Moor exemplified by conjuring a celestial owl which soared around the courtroom. Sentinel Wilkins released Arty from custody and gathered information from him. Arthur recalled seeing a man in the bar that stood out. After describing the bearded man, Wilkins immediately recognized the description as Gregory Locklin. Who was part of Yorkin’s Militia. Wilkins then asked if the party could help discreetly with the investigation.

Later that night he The Gold Toothed Man tried to bribe him to throw his fight in The Coliseum. He refused and went on to fight Yancy and lose. During the fight Linux and Moor were given information by Guardian Reed to search Locklin’s house. When their search was over they discovered a secret chamber that was opened with a carving of the moon’s face that looked exactly like the one on the sign of The Blue Smile. Inside was a shrine. They later discovered this to be evidence that Locklin was one of the Followers of Geshtai. And he had robes that matched the mayor’s.



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