Alshotep D'mar

Minister of Rahib Jamal


Bringer of Fortune, Bearer of the seal of Nula, and awakener of the Desert’s Falcon. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?”

Bringer of Fortune: Kn Local 17-responsible for Eriwald’s longest consecutive period of financial growth.

Bearer of the seal of Nula: Kn History 20, Kn Local 23—A high honor of Eriwald, he received after negotiating a trade deal with the Vassa clan of the Uwa Anumanu.

Awakener of the Desert’s Falcon: Kn History 15—The Desert’s Falcon is an ancient guardian of Eriwald. There is no evidence to support this, but it is said when Alshotep D’mar was a young man, he awoke Eeza Rah who then wreaked havoc on the soldiers of Arden.


Gracious, lavish, and confident the minister loves to impress visitors to the sprawling city. He is an avid fan of history and upon meeting the party he presented each of them with a coin that had the Eriwaldian print on one side and an Ardenian print on the other. He explained that these coins were used in occupied territories during war time so the commonfolk could spend money to buy from whichever side’s merchants occupied the territory at the time. He offere these as a reminder of the unity the countries shared even in their most divisive of times.

He also told them of the story of Yorak the Lesser’s attempt to land on Ardenian soil, and how it was thwarted by a small unit of Arden’s military. Yorak the Lesser was driven to this after the massacre of Higzarra do Shek by the Ardenian, Captain Erwin Blaine.

During the dinner that night he told them of Burchezak, the Eriwaldian who used the sword of Dizen to vanquish the mother of worms. He warned the party against seeking out the tomb.

After the party was discovered to have entered the tomb, Alshotep waited for them outside having sent people ahead to watch the tomb because of Moor’s interest the night before. After the tomb caved in, the party returned the body of Burchezak. They were brought into a zone of truth and Moor resisted the zone and lied telling the minister that he had no intention of keeping the sword. Arthur was asked to relinquish the Heart of Flame from his chest. Alshotep’s priest helped him remove it. The minister then told them about the theft of the Jarat Alhayat that is said to have created the rivers that flow under the city. He asked each of them in turn if they had taken it. Shadow was standing off to the side as he was not one of the diplomats sent by Arden. But the minister asked him if he had taken it. Shadow told him, “No.”

The Minister then said he imagined this was the case. The guards said they were attacked by a woman. He insisted that the party not leave yet and stay one more night in Rahib Jamal.

Alshotep D'mar

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