Hassan Belur

Head Scout in Lucrecian Militia


Hassan’s parents were killed in The War of the Sun. When the Guardians were rounding up orphaned children Hassan was among them. Wary of the men who had been responsible for the war which caused his parents death, he soon slipped away from his “captors”. He wandered the wilderness at age 10 gaining whatever advantages he could from his surroundings. He spent months eluding predators and Marauders alike. When he happened upon a small thorp in the Lucrecian Valley he decided to take up residence on its borders, sneaking into town at night to take what he needed. One night, however, the local townsfolk set a trap for him after noticing their stores diminishing slightly every night. Since the thief was merely a boy, and not an exiled Marauder as they originally thought; they welcomed the orphan into their village. Hassan moved in with a woman who had lost her husband in the war, and her son Jonah.

Hassan became like an older brother to Jonah. Helping him out of scraps with local kids and always encouraging him in his studies which Hassan struggled with due to his lack of knowledge in the Ardenian language.

Since the attack on Lucrecia, Hassan has risen in the ranks of the militia to that of head scout. Even Sentinel Blaine, who holds a grudge against anyone with Eriwaldian blood, has praised his leadership and trusts him with duties that he would no one else in the thorp.

Hassan Belur

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