Jonah Sollis

Lucrecian Militia's chief alchemical engineer.


Age: 15
Alignment: Lawful Good


When Jonah was eight years old his mother adopted a young boy who had been stealing things from the citizens of Lucrecia. At first Jonah hated this dark skinned boy. He couldn’t speak Ardenian, he had strange habits, and he showed up around the same time that Jonah’s father passed away. Jonah eventually came around to Hassan when his weekly scuffles began ending in his favor. Hassan taught Jonah how to defend himself, and Jonah taught Hassan the Ardenian language.

Jonah followed his love for knowledge and applied it to fighting. Realizing that potion making was his best bet at being useful in a fight, he put himself to studying alchemy. He has gotten so good in fact that he has began teaching all members of the militia basic alchemy.

Jonah Sollis

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