Meriku Featherback


Hometown: Alson’s Folly; Dragon Tongue
Age: 27
Personality: Dutiful, friendly, smart
Ambition: To see his ancestral land
Likes: Reading, the rain, and sweets
Dislikes: Unfairness
Strengths: Faithful
Weaknesses: Best at following orders

During the battle with the purple worm he could be seen flying victims away from the battle. During the attack on the Sky Bitch he along with Jor Winchester and Sparrow were attempting to leap from the jump door when Linux showed up with a plan to ram the thruster on his fiery goat steed. When Meriku asked Linux if he had a backup plan if he fell, Linux said, “No.” Meriku then slapped him on the back, flexed his own wings, and said, “You do now.”

When Teffin went missing the party chose Meriku to go with them for his flight abilities. During the fight with the Antlions he primarily acted as a healer and support for the party.

Moor got to know him better while on the way from Eriwald to Baycliff.

Meriku Featherback

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