Orson Geralt

Runs the Ranger's Kiss at the crossing.




This man is wiry, with ebony skin and a thin, sharp-featured face. He has black puffy hair and amber eyes. Accusatory: believes the PCs are up to something, and isn’t shy about saying so.

Elasias 24
PC’s arrive at Hallowford Crossing. Orson accuses Moor Stormhammer of not paying off his bill the last time he was in the Ranger’s Kiss. He forced the party to pay off the 25gp debt before they could purchase anything else. He also forced them to pay for everything else they bought up front.

Eleint 17
After the PC’s killed a couple of Red Marauders Orson kicked them out of the Ranger’s Kiss and told them to watch their backs.

Orson Geralt

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