Hometown: Lor Haven of Firth
Age: 14
Personality: Wise, sullen
Ambition: Make a difference in the world
Likes: Learning, training, accomplishing missions
Dislikes: Waiting
Strengths: Intelligent, thinks things through, tough
Weaknesses: Impatient, wants to be utilized in every mission she can

At 14 she is the youngest Keeper on the Sky Bitch. She was accepted into the Keepers for her remarkable prowess in the Arcane Arts. During the attack on the Sky Bitch Sparrow along with Meriku Featherback and Jor Winchester was just about to leap from the jump door to fix the thruster when Linux showed up. She went on to help Linux straighten the rudder.

While training with her on the Skybitch, Linux learned that she was orphaned a 8 years ago and grew up homeless on the streets of Lor Haven until she was discovered by the Chancellor of the College there. He caught her casting spells in an alley after she had found an old wizard’s spellbook in the sewers. He was impressed by the fact that she self taught herself these techniques and took her on as a student where she flew through the curriculum and graduated early; and at the top of her class.


Keepers of Arden Maitland