Linux's owl familiar


Linux discovered Tycho in the Thingaz Forest in the middle of the night after being summoned in a test by Percival. Linux and Tycho share the empathic link of a wizard and his familiar, and it was through this that Tycho’s name was discovered. Tycho is the previous familiar of Percival, Linux’s mentor. Unbeknownst to Linux, Percival is his grandfather.

After the events in Eriwald, Linux wanted Tycho to gain his freedom. After seeking out druids in the deserts outside Rahib Jamal with the help of Josiah , Linux paid to have the Awakening ritual performed on Tycho. Tycho questioned Linux’s motives and why he wanted him to leave, but after the ritual, he came to know what exactly Linux had chosen to give to him. Tycho was last seen flying from the deck of the Sky Bitch after telling Linux, “This is the beginning…”


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