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  • Dorgan

    Dwarven Kingdom to the north of [[Arden]]. During their civil war refugees were given asylum in Arden. When the war was over they were allowed to stay in [[Baycliff]] in exchange for providing the country with Dwarven weaponry.

  • Ardenian House

    Governing body that brings matters of importance to the attention of the [[Master of Arden]]. It is made up of representatives from all of the cities of [[Arden]]. The [[Voice of Arden]] presides over the house which is made up with [[Envoys of Arden]].

  • Sheila Nadie

    Grey hair, with a young face. She is a noblewoman. She is currently having an affair with [[:henry-wilkins]]. Prejudiced: irrationally despises Moor because he is an Albino. Hook: She runs the Performance house and the Brothel. She offered the PC's …

  • Arnold Hearse

    Innkeeper of [[The Vulgar Horse]]. He is tall and portly with balding brown hair. He is divorced with no children. He wanted [[The Blue Smile]] on the other end of town to be burnt down so his business would thrive. He said he was willing to give an …

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