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  • Greylin Weskerbane

    Hometown: Wraith Hollow of Bristles Age: 27 Personality: Witty, Competent Ambition: Live life to its fullest Likes: Food and women Dislikes: Responsibility Strengths: Thinks outside the box Weaknesses: Easily Distracted During the battle of the …

  • Jor Winchester

    Hometown: One-Eyed Watch of The Gore Age: 31 Personality: Confident, Obedient, Strong Ambition: Set a good example for his siblings Likes: Fighting, saving people Dislikes: Bullies Strengths: Always has the right spell prepared Weaknesses: Can have …

  • Bergrum Ku'Durra

    Could be seen using his familiar to coordinate attacks and distribute alchemist fire during the Purple Worm Fight Hometown: Riverluck of The Gore Age: 51 Personality: Quirky, Energetic, Enigmatic Ambition: Create something to change the world …

  • Kulani

    Hometown: Rhaeger of Baycliff Age: 22 Personality: Mysterious, Distant, Gruff Ambition: Unknown Likes: Quiet Dislikes: Personal questions Strengths: Following orders Weaknesses: No sense of humor

  • Sparrow

    Hometown: Lor Haven of Firth Age: 14 Personality: Wise, sullen Ambition: Make a difference in the world Likes: Learning, training, accomplishing missions Dislikes: Waiting Strengths: Intelligent, thinks things through, tough Weaknesses: Impatient, …

  • Ulan Barlef

    Hometown: Mourner's Fort of Arda Age: 25 Personality: Congenial, loyal Ambition: Settle down and start a family Likes: Social gatherings Dislikes: Routines Strengths: Great a bringing a team together, inspiring Weaknesses: Doesn't like to train

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