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  • Hallowford Crossing

    Hallowford Crossing gets its name from Barlow Hallowford who originally founded the trading outpost to help traders from [[Eriwald]], [[Blackhollow]], [[Baycliff]], and [[Yorkin]]. The Crossing is home to the [[Ranger's Kiss]] which has been known as a …

  • Ranger's Kiss

    [[:orson-geralt]], the current owner, is a descendant in a long line of entrepreneurs that have ran the Ranger's Kiss. It not only passes from father to son, but also from victim to murderer. *Location* [[Hallowford Crossing]] *Prices* Room 1gp …

  • Fallshore

    This moderate-sized, not very populous city on a major trade route is best known as the site of an historic battle. The majority of its inhabitants are involved in fishing.

  • Thingaz Forest

    This thicket of woods in the heart of [[Arden]] was long rumored to be a home to elves. Only within the last fifty years or so have the [[Thingaz Elves]] began to trade with outsiders and let their presence be known within the forest.

  • Thingaz Elves

    A peaceful sect of elves that live in the heart of the [[Thingaz Forest]]. No one has ever seen any signs of civilization withing the woods. Therefore, it is unknown whether the elves are nomadic within the borders of the forest, or if some form of …

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